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How to be A Contributor at Shutterstock and Make Money by selling vector, Images and Video at Shutterstock.

Posted by SangDesStock on 12/10/2016

Hello,I’m contributor at Shutterstock. I have Five  years Experience as Contributor.In this time i want to tell about. How to make money by selling vector at shutterstock.

But, before that i want to  explain that shutterstock it is a global marketplace for artist and creators to sell royalty free vector, images, footage and illustration.  Until now the are more 200  billion contributor from all over the world. The contributor get earning  by selling vector, images, footage and illustration.

So, if you want to get earning  like them,you have to  register in shutterstock website as a contributor. 
And now i want to teach you  step by step How to be a contributor at shutterstock. 
First: You must prepare 4 thing, such as: 
1. Email.
2. Passport, driving licence or National ID.
3. 10 vectors or 10 images.
4.  Paypall, money skrill as your payment methode.

If you  have all of them, you can register now in website shutterstock.
The manner is:
  1.  Please sign up here
  2. Than input your Name, Display Name, email and Your Pasword. Put it one by one. You must be carefull when you input your data. It must be your real data. If it's all right Klik Next. 
  3. And you will Accept a command to verify your email.Look the Zoom Section. So, open your Email and please Read it Carefully than Verify it. Please wait a moment, maybe it's need a time. Then klik Next again. 
  4. It's Time to Writing your personal information. You must write it carefully. Start to put your Country in Country Section, Adress in Adress Section, City in City Section, Postal Code, State Or Province, and  dont Forget to input Your Phone Number. If it's all right Klik Next.
  5. Now, you will see your Verifyng ID Section. Please Upload your ID can Be Passport, driving licence or National ID.  After you are Upload your Passport, please Confirm it,  
  6. Next you must Upload your 10 Vector or 10 Images.by Click "Upload Images"....You can Upload your  Vector by Drag or Input in the Select Multiple Files Button .The Vector must be in eps files or jpegs that are at least 4.0 megapixels .

After you upload 10 Vector or Images....then klik Next.......

Now, its time to input Your Description, then input Your Keyword, Then Choose 2 category. 
Please look in the Video beside....

 If your Vector images contain errors...please Check again and choose all and resubmit.

You're all done.

Please wait in 3 or 4 Bussiness Days for your ID and Vector Verification...if it's Success, you can sell ang get earning.

For Complete manner how To Register as Contributor Please Watch the Video Bellow:


Thanks for reading & sharing SangDesStock

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